Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Characters and Costumes

Since the script is done, I can now happily move on to the costumes and characters for 'The Haunter Of The Dark'.

Here you'll see the first first that I've come up with...

Patrolman Monohan, played by Killian.

The student, Miss Marsh, played by JetCityWoman

Franco, the Italian Shopkeeper, played by Fulkster.

EDIT: How about this?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Announcing the Cast of 'The Haunter Of The Dark'

Casting is now COMPLETE! The scripts have been sent out, and now it's time to get stuck into production!

I've been having a lot of fun building the set for Blake's Study, where much of the movie will be filmed (see above). Got a lot more to do yet, of course, and I won't be rushing it. I want to get it RIGHT.

But now, here is the Cast List (as announced on today's Roger and Ken Show):

The movie will star Richard Grove as 'Robert Blake'

Cecil_Evans landed the role of 'Doctor Dexter'

Killian will play 'Patrolman Monohan'

GoofParade will be the voice of 'Edwin Lillibridge'.

Fulkster will be our 'Italian Shopkeeper'

K4OwnsAll is the 'Coroner's Physician'.

And JetCityWoman is both the 'Student' and 'Phone Operator'.

Congratulations and Thanks to them all!

Also appearing as part of the large 'Crowd' will be Ubernewbie, Macwemyss, and TehPaptartKid.

In fact, I'm looking for MORE 'Crowd' members, so if you'd like to help out, please contact me for details.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank the many people who auditioned for the main roles but didn't make it. The competition was very tough, and the decisions I had to make were equally tough.

Thank you all,


Monday, June 1, 2009

Casting Call for 'The Haunter Of The Dark'

Hi fellow bloggers!

For my upcoming movie 'The Haunter Of The Dark', I require some important Voice Over roles filled.

(Should you succeed, you'll be joining Richard Grove and JetCityWoman in the cast).

Please consider auditioning for the following:

Blake's acquaintance. A cultured American voice. Not many lines, but a very important role.

Accent: American.
Gender: Male.
Age: Adult.
Audition line:

"Well, Sir, I would have to disagree
with your findings. My own
conclusion is vastly different...
and I intend to act on it."

An Irish policeman (who'd have thought!) I have two people interested in this role, but it is still open to auditions (including the two interested parties!)

Accent: Irish.
Gender: Male.
Age: Adult.
Audition line:

"I tell you, if Father O’Malley were alive today, there’d be many a thing he could tell you of that old Church."

A newspaper reporter (American). Gritty, down to earth kind of guy.

Accent: American.
Gender: Male.
Age: Adult.
Audition line (note: read as diary entry, not as spoken word):

"Father O’Malley tells of devil-worship with box found in great Egyptian ruins - says they call up something that can’t exist in light."

This guy needs a decent Italian accent. In fact, if you happen to be able to speak Italian, that would be handy as he has a few lines in that language (which need to be checked for accuracy...)

Accent: Italian.
Gender: Male.
Age: Adult.
Audition lines:

"Um, er, sorry Sir, I no understand."

"Siamo spiacenti, non parlano inglese."

Another cultured accent, slightly pompous.

Accent: American (preferred, but not essential. Pompous English would work...)
Age: Adult.
Gender: Male.
Audition line:

"Nature has shown herself capable of many freakish performances, Doctor Dexter."

As the bulk of these people appear in a crowd scene, you can have any accent. I'd like a fair number of people to make a significant crowd 'sound'...

(No audition required, just send me your lines!)
Accent: Any (prefer Italian, but not necessary)
Age: Any
Gender: Any

"mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble" (general crowd noise)

"Oooohhhh..." (awed)

"Argh!" (frightened)

"May God be with you and bless you" (blessing - English)


"Che Dio sia con voi e vi benedico" (blessing - Italian)


Please send your audition lines to: biggstrek @ comcast . net - and don't forget to include your preferred name or Userid for credit purposes.

Depending on performances, availability, etc, I may require a second audition line (to break deadlocks).

If you haven't seen it, check out the Teaser to get a feeling of what you're getting involved in.