Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Underpants Away! ... is underway!

Hello Underpants Fans!

I thought it was about time that I gave an update on my next movie venture.  This time it's back to my roots, with the conclusion of 'Underpants Away!' (Episode 3, 'Ewww!')

Above you will see my handiwork to date: the costumes (and faces) of the cast, plus a beloved set imported from 'The Movies'.  All the costumes are based on the originals I created/used in the old TM production, painstakingly converted to their CloneCloth equivalent.

The script is all done and has been sent out to the voice cast.  I expect to be hearing back from them over the next few weeks, in the meantime I will start setting up the early shots, building the sets, play with lighting, etc etc.  Fun fun fun!

I also want to mention that Fulkster has also provided me with a new piece of music!  It is fantastic and just as addictive as his original UPM track.  Thank you my friend!

That's it for now!  Back to work, and Underpants OUT!