Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - The Year After We Made Contact

Not much to report at this time. Last year was a mixed bag for me personally, but from a machinima point of view it was OK. I only made a couple of movies (Game Over and The Ex Files) and progress on that other project (THOTD) was slow, yet progress was made! The most rewarding part was working on the Expo. I got to see a lot of machinima during the selection process and was impressed by much of it.

This year I have no real plans other than to finally finish that project. I'm going to make it my number 1 machinima priority. Call it a resolution, call it a challenge. Just don't call me on it. lol OK, not funny.

After that's done, I intend bringing good old UPM back for another thrilling episode of Underpants Away! I really enjoyed working with him in The Ex Files and doing the revamped iClone version of him for Episode 3 of Underpants Away! should be just as much fun. I'm considering wrapping up the story in this 3rd episode, rather than doing the 4 planned episodes, but that's probably not going to happen as it would require a re-write of the actual story (or a considerable reduction of it). Just a thought. Oh, and I want to end the whole thing with a BANG. I'm thinking of an elaborate musical number that UPM and the rest of the cast would sing... (blame Gabe and The Nobbit for that inspiration, but without the drug references... hehe).

After that I'm free. No plans of any sort. I have some thoughts on doing a series of small sci-fi/comedy shorts, which I have about 4-5 ideas scribbled down already (none of which are brilliant, but combined should work out nicely together).

Lastly, expect a new Music Collection from me to appear in the Reallusion Content Store sometime soon. The original collection has been up there for about a year and I was recently inspired to do some more musical creation (I'm reluctant to call it 'composing' as it's really just mixing of existing material in Sony ACID.)

OK, that's it! Here's hoping 2011 will be a good year (for me and everyone else for that matter).