Sunday, May 31, 2009

Teaser for 'The Haunter Of The Dark'

Thought I'd put together a quick teaser for my next movie.

Audio is from the Ad I made for Dulci's hit show on TMOA.
(Stars Richard Grove and BiggsTrek. Music by me, too.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thong Results!

Just briefly, thought I'd share my Second Place win in the Annual Roger Thong Contest held by TMOA!

In first place was themonk's Security Guards In Space X: Trials of a Roger Scout! A worthy winner as it was far more disturbing an entry than mine, lol.

Second place was my The Thonginning & Other Tales.

Third place was DCMF's fabulous entry, the Roger Thong Commercial, which was followed by an excellent demonstration of all the great work those guys are doing at keeping The Movies alive!

Special mention to TehPoptartKid's entry, Thong Manor. I think if he'd had more time, he could have had a much stronger entry.

Last, but not least (well, maybe a little 'least') was Guppi's untitled entry. Notable for the blatant child abuse and future trauma his son will endure when he sees himself wearing a Roger Thong as a small baby...

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Thonginning & Other Tales

Yes, I've actually completed a movie... lol

Made for the annual 'Roger Thong Contest' held by TMOA's Ken and Roger, it delves a little into the history of Underpants Man's newest assistant.

I won't go into details, otherwise you won't need to watch it!

The Thonginning & Other Tales


and Deuce...

With apologies to Guppi for using that one joke...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've got somethong on my mind

Because I'm crazy, and because I had some inspiration on the way home from work on Friday (it's been rare lately, so I grab hold of it when it comes!) I am working on a new project as of now: an entry in the TMOA Roger Thong Contest!

It will mainly be a 'The Movies' film, though it has a very nice 1 minute scene done in iClone (one that Guppi might appreciate... or not).

As of now, it is half complete (amazing, I know!) and I'm well into the production of what's left. So stay tuned for a release in the next 2 weeks (which is essential as that's when the contest closes!)

(The picture above is a texture from the iClone portion of the movie...)