Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Shadows gone awry" or "I'm an idiot!"

OK, so here I am, trying to put the finishing touches on the main set of 'The Haunter Of The Dark', and I find myself struggling with the upgrade to iClone 4. Ever since that initial upgrade, I've experienced nasty shadow artefacts on the desk and surrounding objects in my (very complex) set.

See the nastiness below (click on it for a more detailed view):

I'm just about to give up on it, and turn the shading off for the desk, when I had one more try, fiddling with the lighting options. And lo and behold, guess what happens? I fixed it!!!

Woo hoo!! But what was it that actually fixed the shadows? One single click of the mouse. An adjustment by a mere -1:

I then went and explored iClone Help, where it simply says:

Shadow Bias Adjustment

This function helps to correct some shadow displacement errors caused by extreme shadow angles.

Well, duh...

If only I'd gone looking at the Help earlier... oh well, at least I went by my own tried and true rule, "If it doesn't work at first, keep clicking!"

Now back to work, Mr Trek...!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Star Wars: Uncut - Scene 267 (My 2nd)

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 267 from Phil Browne on Vimeo.

Oops, I did it again... another Star Wars Uncut scene! But don't worry, it's the last one as I will now get stuck into The Haunter Of The Dark (finally!)

Anyway, it was a lot of fun to make up this scene (and #430) and if you feel like checking out the project and grabbing a scene for yourself, go here:

(And just in case you missed it, here's Scene #430)

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 430 from Phil Browne on Vimeo.