Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not much to report...

I know, I know, I've been slack at putting up entries. No real excuse for that, other than I have no spare time at the moment (and *cough* I haven't had time during work hours to do "extra" stuff *cough*).

Deuce has taken up a lot of my time, too. He demands attention, and being so darn cute, he gets it! And my work life has been hectic, having just put up a major upgrade to the system and then having to fight all the little fires that popped up in the following days (which I'm still doing now!)

On the machinima front, I have made almost NO progress on ANY project I'm working on. Though I did sit down and enter my film, 'The Terrible Old Man' into the Bitfilm contest for 2009 (I had a little success in the same contest/festival some years earlier with 'Final Night', where it got into the finals/voting stage...)

And apart from that, the only thing that has made progress is a small re-imagining of that same story for another contest. Inspired by a stupid post I made in the TMU forums, I decided to go ahead and do "something" with it. More details on that when it's done (which means don't hold your breath!)

I'm hoping to abandon all distractions soon and get back into writing the script for 'The Haunter Of The Dark'... I really need to get that done. It drives me nuts that it takes me soooo long to get anything done.

That's it for now! Not an exciting update, but better than nothing, I guess!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Deuce is Here!

You didn't really think I was going to keep up a daily blog, did you? lol Anyway, let me briefly introduce you to our new friend, Deuce. He's a lovely boy with a gentle nature. Also, he's very playful and takes a LOT of time to keep amused, which is good as I get a lot more exercise! It also explains why I haven't updated this blog since he arrived just over a week ago.

Anyway, he's fitting in really well.

One bad habit he seems to have brought with him from his former life: wanting to lie on me while I'm on the sofa. 150 pounds of Great Dane on your lap is not recommended. hehe